FastPick Fantasy Sports

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Fantasy sports has been a top choice for sports enthusiasts, but many punters and fans from the US have had to rely on off shore sites to enjoy this type of betting. There is great news if you are looking to engage in online contests and win cash playing fantasy sports.  Now, you can legally bet on daily fantasy sports as the Resorts Casino Hotel is the very first casino located in Atlantic City to support a fantasy sports product, offering the ability to engage in live contests that can generate real money payouts.

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The FastPick Fantasy Sports platform has just been launched and it offers you the chance to enjoy various matchups of athletes from top sporting genres, including the NFL, MLB, English Premier League and the NBA. Now with legal fantasy sports action available, you can enjoy all the action of fantasy football and other sports at a licensed and regulated site.

FastPick Fantasy Sports

What is FastPick?

FastPick is the newest legal fantasy sports site that is licensed in US, offering you the chance to enjoy amazing contests within different leagues. At this site, you can benefit from the ability to play fantasy daily fantasy sports for cash and will know that you are enjoying the action at a site that is regulated and secure. FastPick Fantasy Sports differs from other sports sites like DraftKings. With this site, you will not be playing against other players, but will be playing against the casino itself, the Resorts AC.

If you choose to participate in a daily sports league, you will only have the option of the MLB at this time. FastPick does have plans to add coverage for other leagues when the seasons start, which will expand coverage to the NFL, NHL, NBA and soccer. At this time, all fantasy sports actions are available online only, but soon, FastPick Fantasy Sports hopes to offer t eh same action on the casino floor through the use of kiosks.

With the growing popularity of Daily Fantasy Sports, this platform will be well received and will be available if you are a resident of New Jersey. As a licensed and legal fantasy sports site, you will have great options and will find you can collect some amazing returns on a regular basis.

When you engage in fantasy sports at FastPick, you must select from the player matchups that you believe will generate the most points between two different players. You will select between 3 and 10 matchups and to win, all selections must win. You will have the ability to place bets that range from $5 to $200 and will have the chance to win as much as $100,000!


Daily Fantasy Sports

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Getting Started with Daily Fantasy Sports

Creating an account at FastPick is a simple process and it starts by completing the registration page, where you will enter your email, name, date of birth and a password for the site. After this is done, you can access a list of sports on the left of the page and start making your selections. If you are planning to generate real money payouts, you will have to make a deposit to an account. At this time, the only method that is available is PayPal, but more methods will be added soon.

The process of wagering is quite simple. Much easier than with other fantasy sports sites. Here, you will select from 3 to 10 pre-paired players. You will then have to make a decision on which of these two players will score the highest amount of points, which will leave the remaining player as the opposition. In this case, that opposing player will be the house instead of another player on a network as with other betting sites. To win, you must win all of the selected matchups to claim the payout based on how many have been selected.  

FastPick uses a parlay betting system and format, so it is much easier to understand, making it possible to begin the sports betting enjoyment even if you are completely new to the world of fantasy sports. The scoring is basic and is like other settings that are found with daily fantasy sports. For the MLB, which is the only sport covered at the site, the scoring is as follows:


  • Singles: 3
  • Doubles: 6
  • Triples: 9
  • Home run: 12
  • RBI: 3
  • Runs Scored: 3
  • Walk: 2
  • Stolen Base: 5
  • Caught Stealing: -2
  • Hit by Pitch: 2


  • Innings Pitched: 3
  • Strikeouts: 2
  • Walks: -1
  • Hits Allowed: -1
  • ERA: -3
  • Wins: 6

The players chosen will collect points based on their actions and activities during real games.

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FastPick Promotions

There are currently three promotions that can be enjoyed after you create an account at this daily fantasy sports site. One offer is a Get $20 deal, where you can take a 20 point lead with an extra $20 on the house. To benefit from this, you will have to access your account and place $100 in entries. After this is done, the site will credit your account with $20 free within 72 hours.

Another thrilling promotion you can take advantage if is the Ticket Giveaway Offer. With this, you will have the chance to win tickets to a professional football game and each month, FastPick Fantasy Sports will be giving away a pair of tickets to a game that will be at MetLife Stadium, FedEx Field or Lincoln Financial Field. This is a random drawing that can only be won if you have a registered real money account and entries are earned by placing entries of at least $5 with your real money account. The first drawing will occur on September 1.

Finally, there is the $1,000 Promotion, where you can have the chance to win part of a prize pool each week. For every $5 in entries that are made between Monday and Sunday, you will receive a ticket to the drawing for the following week. Ten daily fantasy sports winners will be chosen at random, each winning $100 in cash. If you win, the amount will be credited to the account within 72 hours following the drawing and drawings take place every Monday.

FastPick Promotions

Highlights of Daily Fantasy Sports at FastPick

At this daily fantasy sports site, you will enjoy a number of highlights that will make this site stand out from others. Aside from being licensed in US and offering legal bets for New Jersey residents, there are other great benefits that can be enjoyed when a real money account is created. Anyone that has dealt with fantasy sports in the past may be aware of salary caps and how these can cause problems with contests. At FastPick Fantasy Sports, there are no caps in place and there is also no roster to create.

This site is perfect for those that are just getting started with fantasy sports as it requires very little research regarding statistics and past performances. There is also no peer-to-peer gameplay, so all of your entry fees will be pooled. Each sport that is covered, which at this time is only baseball, will have a very straightforward scoring system that is easy to understand and follow. Another advantage to FastPick is that there are many entry fees that can be selected. Some other sites will have high amounts that must be spent, but here, you can get started with just a $5 entry. Of course, if you have more, you can wager up to $200.


FastPick Sports

FastPick Banking and Payment

The amount you will earn from an entry will depend on how many selections you have made and how much you have wagered. There is a cap at the site pertaining to how much can be won, and the maximum amount of $100,000. However, with the ability to bet just $5, the options are great for beginners and experienced daily fantasy sports fans.

As mentioned, you can choose between 3 and 10 selections when betting. If you choose three and all three win, you will get a 5x payout. There is a minimum entry for all bets of $5 and the maximum can range from $200 for 10 selections to $10,000 for three selections. The payouts will increase as more selections are chosen, with four offering a payout of 10x and five offering a payout of 18x. The top payout is achieved with 10 selections, which will generate a handsome reward of 500x. Unfortunately, there is a cap as to how much can be won at FastPick Fantasy Sports, and that amount is $100,000. This is the top payout for 4 to 10 selections, with the top reward for three selections being $50,000.
These are some great rewards that can be earned, but you must remember that all picks must be winners. If you choose 10 and only 9 win, you will lose and the house will win.

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