Mondogoal Promo Code

Mondogoal currently has an incredible welcome offer for the fantasy managers. If you use the Mondogoal promo code when you create an account, you activate the money-back-guarantee on the first payment if it turns out to be a losing one. The maximum amount you can receive is £50.

Unfortunately, Mondogoal stopped being a consumer-facing platform and switched to business-to-business model. We invite you to visit Fanduel page and see their offers.

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Fantasy Football:Bonus Description:
Bonus Type:Money-back-guarantee
Bonus available to:New customers on the B2B market
Maximum bonus amount:£50 as money back
Mondogoal Promo Code:Details below


If you think you really know about football, and you have enough knowledge to do the player selection jobs like a professional football club manager, then you should start playing Fantasy Football. Why? This is the only place where you can show your talent to other football experts and can be the creator of your own fortune by earning huge amount of cash. Mondogoal is the perfect site for you, considering the welcome offer of 100% money-back guaranteed if you use the Mondogoal promo code.

Mondogoal Promo Code

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How does the Mondogoal Promo Code work?

If you use the Mondogoal promo code while registering new account you will be entitled to benefit from the Mondogoal welcome offer. This means that if you pay an entry fee of £50 and lose it, you will receive the same amount back. On the other hand, you will not receive the money back if you have won a prize.

It is important to point out that you will need to request the refund if you lose the first money you invest. You need to do it within 3 calendar days after the competition. After you are rewarded the money you will not be eligible for another refund.

mondogoal fantasy football

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Mondogoal Review

Fantasy Football business is growing day by day. Nowadays, almost every football lover is playing this online. They are constantly worrying about their player’s fitness, which player to leave and which one to get for upcoming weeks or today’s matches. is a new but promising platform in the DFS (Daily Fantasy Soccer) world. It started its journey in August 2014 and has proven its quality and earned the belief of the fantasy players. It has partnered with some great European club like Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, West Ham United and AS Roma. This site is offering EPL, FA Cup, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, French Ligue 1, MLS, Liga MX, Champions League, Europa League and important international fixtures. As the fantasy site is growing very fast, we will see more Leagues and Cups shortly.

Modogoal vs. other Fantasy Football Sites

Besides Mondogoal, there are other Football Fantasy sites like Draftkings, Picklive, PlayON, FantXT, which have come up with a lot of features and attractive offers which can convince you to register on those sites. But Mondogoal is really special because it offers endless possibilities to win something from every game. The statistics provider for this site is Opta, which is undoubtedly the best stats provider of current football business. The scoring system of the Modogoal is unique and convincing that a fantasy manager can earn points in a lot of ways. Even a goal-less match is becoming interesting to watch because the gamers start to follow the shots on target, total shots, successful tackles, passes completed, final third passes and many other things. Unlike other fantasy football sites Mondogoal gives the customer a unique experience of the second screen as they are following their favorite team and their fantasy team at a time.

mondogal how to play

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Tips to improve your fantasy football skills

The fantasy football sites are designed in such a way that anyone can easily form a team and start playing fantasy football. But, if they follow some fundamental tips they can show great performance from the very first game of their fantasy career. Such tips and tricks are described below.

  • Must Forget your Personal Choice: No matter which team you support, you must forget your personal love and loyalty before choosing the players for your team.
  • Research: this is the key to be a successful fantasy manager. If you don’t have enough time to do all this research by yourself, then you can follow some big renowned site who are publishing articles and other necessary information for the fantasy managers.
  • Injury Free Full Playing Squad: You must choose the players, including the bench warmers who are playing all the matches. Because sometimes you need to change the formation and if one of your player from first 11 is unexpectedly missing the games, then a player from the bench can fill the void position.
  • Use of Wild Card: You have to keep 5 or 6 six hot players from the last season in your team. If you find them in off form after a few weeks, then quickly replace them. It is okay to lose 4 or 8 points in first few game weeks, but if you are in a big trouble then you must use the wild card quickly. You will get another wild card in January. You should play this wild card as late as possible because you need to be sure about the newcomers price and their ability to change the game.

If you wonder how to start Fantasy Football League, read the guide we have prepared for you!

There are also more advanced tips which are used by the expert fantasy managers. However, the tips described above are the basics you must know. You can also take look on the article on how to win at Premier League Fantasy Football.

Mondogoal Strategy

Mondogoal hasn’t come up with a huge amount of guaranteed cash prize, but it definitely opened the door of daily income by introducing us with the Daily Fantasy Football. It has shown great promise in this business so far. We hope they will increase the number of leagues and other facilities to fulfill the desire of all the fantasy managers from every corner of the world. In the meantime, don’t forget to use the Mondogoal promo code when you create an account to receive up to £50 if the first investment turns out to be a losing one.

Article written by Daniel Damian.

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