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Until the new Draftstars offer goes live, we invite you to play FanDuel!

Draftstars promo code is expected to be attractive to new customers and highly enticing. You can win a share of even $10,000. Certainly, it’s something that you need to try out!

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In Fantasy Sports players create their virtual sports team, and the winner is decided based on the statistical performance of their chosen players in actual games. The better their score, the better your chances, so why not test your sports prediction skills? With Draftstars promotional code, you get the free welcome entry to try it out. You can bet on AFL, with more sports to be available soon.

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When you go to their website and register (minimum deposit is $10), you can select a contest from the lobby. Some entries are free; some are paid. You will have various options and lots of interesting features to choose from (Standard, Guaranteed, Turbo, Double Up, etc.). Then you get to draft your team. Some players are more expensive than others, and you will probably have to look both for high-scoring stars and less costly young talents. After you pick your team, you will be able to follow the scores live online or through the Draftstars application. Every kick your player makes scores 3 points, a handball 2, a goal 6 and a tackle earns 4 points, free kick for, behind and hit out will earn you 1 point.

Draftstars promo code

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As a Draftstars player, not only will you choose your dream teams, you will also have access to cutting-edge data analysis and the weekly expert player projections. Players will be able to save time with smart lineups – an app that can automatically generate your entries. The real highlight is that promo code Draftstars provides a great variety of daily cash prizes, game types and competitions, giving its users better opportunities than other similar platforms. No more waiting until the end of the weekend to win. With all these benefits, it’s interesting to see what the future draftstars promo code will offer.

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Draftstars App

If the deal goes through, and there is a very good reason to think that it will, the free-to-air audience will have access to fantasy sports and online betting via the Draftstars App – even on Android or iOS – the ease of use is commendable, bets can be placed within 30 seconds. Moreover, we would have a premier instance of online betting and fantasy football in Australia which will serve as the prototype for other countries as well.

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In our opinion, playing at Draftstars could be really entertaining and worthwhile. In case you liked our Draftstars promo code review, maybe you could also check out our front page to get a grasp of all the promotions active at this moment.

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