DraftKings Promo Code 2018: MAXPROMO

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If you have an idea of what fantasy sports are then you should know about the giant of this world called DraftKings. Besides the sports it offers, it also grants access to an incredible welcome bonus of 100%. The DraftKings Promo Code 2018, MAXPROMO, provides up to $600 for all new players.

This is one of the best sites for fantasy sports management where you can show your skills and expertise in a particular game or in all the games the site provides. With a well-designed interface, DraftKings gives explicit instructions to the new fantasy managers who wish to try their luck. Even beginners can win huge prizes as there are lots of contests available for them.

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What exactly is the DraftKings Promo Code 2018?

maxpromo draftkings

Meanwhile play at FanDuel
DraftKings promo code 2018 MAXPROMO is a real promotion for the new fantasy managers. By using this code, you will get the opportunity to double up your first deposit. It means you will get 100% bonus on your initial deposit. Now the question is, how much money can you deposit initially? The answer is up to 600 dollars. This means that you will get additional 600 dollars. It is not mandatory to deposit a certain amount like $25, $100 or $250. You can customize the deposit according to you needs, but it can’t exceed the $600 mark.

Why and Where to Use the 2018 Promo Code?

Why should I use a promotional code? The answer is straightforward – because you have the chance to double your money. Unfortunately, most of the Fantasy Sports Managers make a common mistake. They just deposit a small amount of $5 or $10 and try out their skills and luck, but, in fact, they are blowing away the chance of receiving 600 dollars for free. You should take this opportunity because it is your last chance to use the promo code and get the bonus. Once you complete your registration without it, you will never get the second chance to activate the bonus offer.

Where to enter the MAXPROMO promo code? This is very easy. First, you have to go to the DraftKings homepage through this link. You will find a big green “Play Now” button. By clicking this button, you can start the registration on DraftKings, but you will not receive any bonus. You have to click on the “Enter Promo Code” button that is situated immediately under the “Play Now” button. Only by clicking on the “Enter Promo Code”, you will get the right registration form. You have to fill up the required information like Username, Email Address, Password and then the 2018 promo code. You will get the opportunity to enjoy the $600 bonus only after you make the initial deposit, that of course, needs to be of $600.


How the Bonus Offer Works?

You already know that you will get 100% bonus on your initial deposit, but you can’t enjoy all the bonus money at a time. There are terms and conditions regarding how the bonus money will be released to your account. Your promo code bonus cash will appear on your account based on how much you are playing. You will get back 10% of the entry fee. The best way to get all your bonus money is to play a lot and try to win most of the 50/50 games in the first month. As a beginner, it will be hard to win the GPP tournaments consistently, so be careful.

We always recommend depositing as much money as you can, because the more money you will invest, the more bonus money you will get. It will increase the probability of your success as a fantasy manager. You must have the knowledge of how to use the money along with the sense of managing your team.

DraftKings site review and tips

There are a few things that you will get from DraftKings.com, that no other site can provide:

  • High-quality website with great design.
  • Plenty of 50/50 games.
  • The cash prize is more than huge.
  • If you are a beginner in fantasy games, you don’t need any instructions because the site is designed to give clear guidelines to the newcomers.
  • Regarding the mobile application, there is no competition in the fantasy sports world.
  • DraftKings confirms great player experience right from the start.


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Featured Tournaments

NBA Fantasy $100,000 Championship and $300’000 Showcase:

Who doesn’t love the wonderful game of basketball? You will simply be a fan of the DraftKings Fantasy NBA contest. As the showcase is limited, you have to be serious in the playoffs. If you want to enter the $300,000 contest, you must earn a position in the first 30. All the 30 players will win exciting cash, but the winner of the competition will get $100,000. The second place will get $50,000, $30,000 for the third place and the fourth will get $20,000 and $15,000 consecutively.

DraftKings Baseball $100,000 Homerun:

It’s always a great thing to have the opportunity to qualify for a tournament of this magnitude. If you want to take part in Homerun, you must secure your spot with a $300 entry fee. The great thing about this tournament is that over 750 players from 3,700 will get paid by DraftKings. The top spot holder will earn $100,000 cash.

DraftKings Special Millionaire Maker Golf:

It is hard to imagine $100,000 championship prize for a fantasy golf tournament. If you haven’t played Fantasy Golf, you have no idea what you are missing. Trust me; you will be a Golf addict right after you star playing Fantasy Golf at DraftKings.

How to Win at DraftKings

There is no easy way to win money. You must have good knowledge of the game. But there are few things you must do if you want to win at DraftKings.

  • Always build your strategy by keeping the Contest format in mind
  • Never forget to check the injury list
  • Use the promo code if you are a new player to receive free money
  • Learn about the DraftKings Bonus Points and how they work
  • Join several affordable contests rather than playing one big tournament
  • Do a general research on promising players, developing teams and other necessary factors
  • Follow some fantasy tips provided by specialized sites if you don’t have enough time to research on your own
  • Finally, trust yourself and follow your instincts.


As it can be seen, DraftKings is a site that has a lot to offer to its members. If you play in a smart way, you have real chances of winning. Don’t forget to use the DraftKings promo code 2018 MAXPROMO when you create an account to receive up to $600. The sign-up process can be tricky, so make sure you follow the guidelines presented in this article to receive the free money.

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