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As more and more people feel attracted by fantasy sports, it is important to look for the most popular offers on the market. This game of skill manages to get the best out of each player. In order to be successful, you need to pick a team that can score the most points. You can compete against friends or other players and win real money. DraftHero, although it is new to the market has managed to attract a significant number of players. In order to enjoy an awesome start make sure you use Special5 promotional code. You can learn more about it in the following paragraphs.


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About Special5

At DraftHero, you can opt for free or paid contests. If you wish to make real cash, it is a wise idea to start with free money in your account. Special5 bonus offers you $5 that you can spend on the competitions you desire. In order to benefit of this promotion, you will need to enter this code when you create an account. Once you click the sign-up button marked in blue (located in the right corner, on top of the screen) you will see a form where you will have to add a username, your email, password and the Special5 promo code/referral code.

Learn More About DraftHero

Here’s some short information about DraftHero:

DraftHero Fantasy:Details:
Welcome Bonus:TBA
First Deposit Bonus:TBA
Available Leagues:NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB
Deposit Requirements:TBA
Wagering Requirements: TBA
DraftHero Promo Code 2019:TBA

DraftHero managed to make a statement in the world of fantasy sports. The impressive number of contests and games, together with the best promotions brought a breath of fresh air in this popular industry. Here, players can enjoy daily games:

  • National Hockey League (NHL);
  • Professional basketball (NBA);
  • Professional football (NFL);
  • Major League Baseball (MLB).

Furthermore, there are daily contests so it is easy to find the most profitable ones:

  • 7 Winner;
  • Top 3;
  • Double up;
  • Head to head.

Winning at DraftHero is incredibly easy. You just need to choose a contest, pick the fantasy game that comes with the best odds and score more points than your rivals. As the entry fee starts only from one dollar, with this bonus code you will practically enjoy five games for free.

There is another major advantage members can enjoy: the DraftHero app. It can be found on iTunes and it has only 7.8 MB. This means that you can take the games you enjoy most everywhere with you, as it is compatible with iPad, iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

Make your fantasy sports dreams come true with DraftHero and its promotional code Special 5!

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