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DRAFT is mobile-based US daily fantasy sports application which is attempting to change the landscape of fantasy sports by giving players the opportunity to select their players via a quick daily draft instead of a salary-cap system. New players may join DRAFT immediately and enjoy a welcome bonus with DRAFT promo code required. Simply click on the button below to activate the bonus!

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DFS has come a long way in the past few years and is continuing to grow at a rapid rate. While most of the daily fantasy sports market is cornered by two companies, Fanduel and DraftKings, which according to Forbes controls 95% of the betting industry, the fresh outlook on fantasy sports by the DRAFT mobile application is thought to be a new milestone in the development of the industry.
DRAFT was recently acquired by Paddy Power Betfair, a UK-based company for $48 million., furthering their presence in the US. Users who download DRAFT will have the opportunity to play DFS for 5 different sports, namely: NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, GOLF. Read on further to find out how to play DRAFTS and claim your bonus on the App.

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Claiming Your Bonus at DRAFT

Claiming your bonus on DRAFT is a simple hassle-free process that won’t require much of your time. After clicking on the link above, you will be required to register at DRAFT and make a deposit. Use the following step-by-step guide to ensure you don’t miss out on any valuable bonuses when starting off on the app.

  1. You may either download the DRAFT app or register for DRAFT on their website to start off. A simple way of downloading the DRAFT app is by visiting the playdraft.com website on your mobile browser and clicking on the Apple/Google download link. Alternatively you may visit the Apple store or Google Store and search for the DRAFT app.
  2. To register with DRAFT click on the ‘DRAFT NOW’ button. A form will appear on your screen.
  3. Fill out the form with a unique Username and Password and provide your E-mail Address and Date of Birth. Click on the ‘START DRAFTING’ button afterwards to continue. No DRAFT promo code will be required.
  4. You will now have a registered DRAFT account. To continue claiming your bonus you will now be required to make a deposit. To do so click on the ‘Deposit’ button in the main menu.
  5. You will be required to verify your identity before making a deposit. DRAFT will transport you to short form which will require you to fill out your: Full Name, Mailing Address and Zip Code. After filling out the form click on the ‘NEXT button.
  6. You will now have to choose a deposit method and select an amount you would like to deposit on the site. Click on the ‘DEPOSIT’ button afterwards.

You will now have a funded DRAFT account with an activated bonus. Remember that certain terms and conditions will apply before the bonus will be released and be available for withdrawal.

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DRAFT Bonus Requirements and Eligibility

If a player registers with a bonus and has received bonus cash, they will be able to see it in their profile page. Bonus cash is released into a player’s main money account at the rate of 4% of entry fees in completed drafts. So for example if a player finishes a $100 draft, $4 of bonus money will move from your bonus cash to your main account. You will then be able to use that money to either enter drafts or withdraw. Note that bonus money will expire 90 days after first deposit, so make sure you don’t forget. No DRAFT promo code is required.

To play online DRAFT game you must be a player who is 18 years of age or over and residents of USA or Canada. Not all US states however may use DRAFT. If you are physically located in Arizona, Iowa, Missouri, Idaho, Virginia, Tennessee, Montana, Nevada, Hawaii, Louisiana, Washington, Indiana, Delaware, Texas or Alabama you may not use DRAFT for real money.

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How To Play DRAFTS?

Learning how to play DRAFTS is simple and should only take a few minutes of your time.As mentioned before DRAFT is different from the other DFS providers in the American market, as a draft system is prefered to a salary cap system. What this means is that players must complete a short draft with other players in order to start.

To enter a draft players may visit the DRAFT Lobby and search for a draft they would like to take part in. Players may also make private lobbies if they prefer to play with friends. Entry fees will be taken from players at the time of entering a draft. If the draft is not guaranteed to start and does not fill up before games are about to begin, the draft will be cancelled and the entry fees will be returned to the players.

Click the ‘ENTER’ button to see the full details of the draft. For example in the draft seen below, it can be seen that the draft type, roster, draft time, pick clock and prizes for the draft are listed. Click on the ‘ENTER’ button on the draft again, to confirm entry into the draft.

Most drafts start when they are filled. However some drafts can be set to a specific time. The time between picks is also chosen by the creator of the draft. This signifies how long a player will have to make a pick when it comes to their turn. Player’s may leave a draft prior to it filling up by clicking on the ‘Leave Draft’ button in the summary tab of the draft.

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How To Play DRAFTS- Draft Types

A number of different draft types are available for players to choose from at DRAFT. The type of draft will determine how players will be awarded money and how the players they choose will be scored. The following draft types are available at DRAFT at the moment:


H2H or Head to Head drafts are always snake drafts. What this means is that the pick order is reversed for each round of picking. Thus if you have the 1st pick in round 1 of a draft, you will have the last pick in round 2. Fo head to head drafts players will generally have 60 seconds for per a pick.

When you join a H2H draft from the lobby, you may not be matched with the same player twice for the same dollar amount within the same games. Payouts for head to head drafts are winner take all.


Multiplayer drafts are also snake drafts. Which means the pick order will be reversed when picking in rounds.

Drafts with 2-5 participants are winner take all, however drafts which have more than 6 participants have payouts that may vary. For instance 2nd place may also get a payout. If you would like to see the exact payouts of any draft simply look at the draft summary. Each person in the draft will have 30 seconds for each pick that they make.


Dream Team is a another type of draft which involves selecting any 5 players that you think will score the most points on any given night. What makes Dream Team different that other fantasy draft sites and apps is that there is no salary caps or monetary restrictions on player selections.

In Dream Team drafts players will compete against other players and their Dream Teams. Teams that score the most points will be given a portion of the prize pool based on the number of entrants and the entry fee.

Players may edit their Dream Team right up until the first game begins, after which your Dream Team will be set for the whole night. Multiple entries into the same Dream Team competition is prohibited.

If a Dream Team draft has a ‘Guaranteed’ flag next to it it means that the game will begin regardless to whether it fills up with the players registered.


Tournament schedules are available for viewing on the join screen. Make sure you will be available at draft times before entering a tournament. Once you have joined a tournament you will not be able to leave. Entry for tournaments close ten minutes before the start of the first round draft.

In the tournaments DRAFT will create a bracket and seeds randomly. In the event of a tie, the highest scoring individual player will win.

Note that only tournaments that have the guaranteed sign will run even if they do not fill up. Thus it is possible the some players will receive a bye in the first round of play.


In expert drafts the top projected players at each position are removed making it harder to choose players. The number of players which have been removed in an Expert Draft will be shown when you join the draft.

These drafts are generally played by more experienced players, or players looking for a challenge.

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DRAFT Review: Special Features

Auto Pick

On the occasion that a player doesn’t make a pick on time during a draft and the draft clock runs out, players will get an auto-pick for their team. In such a case, DRAFT will choose a player for you based on your queue, if you haven’t queued any players then it will be based on any saved pre-draft rankings. In the absence of any queue or rankings the highest projected player at a position will be given in the position you have not filled.

Player Swap

For a player to be eligible for a player swap, they must have had an active status when the draft was completed which changed to an inactive status.

Active statuses– In, Probable, Questionable, Game Time Decision, Day to Day, and No Status.

Inactive statuses– Doubtful, Out, Traded, Suspended, Withdrawn, Postponed, and Out for Season.

Users will be notified when one of their players becomes eligible for a player swap. Players will be allowed to swap out the player with any undrafted player. The position must match the swap however, and the swap must take place before the round of games has commenced.


DRAFT Payment Options

Deposits can be made on DRAFT with Paypal or via your credit or debit card. All options are considered secure and allow instant deposits. Withdrawals make take between 2-10 days based on the method prescribed. When withdrawing money, a check option is also available at DRAFT.

DRAFT Review – Verdict

DRAFT is taking the daily fantasy sports industry by storm with its new revolutionary snake system type of drafting. While DRAFT may not have the same large prize pools as other more popular DFS apps, if you’re a daily fantasy player looking for a new way to compete or a new type of draft to master, DRAFT is the way to go. The site is sure to grow in the next year or so, especially after the acquisition from Paddy Power Betfair. As mentioned by the Telegram in the UK, Draft’s revenue has grown rapidly in recent years in a market which made more than $300m in revenue in 2016 and 2017.

Now that you know where to play drafts, make sure you take advantage of the bonus offer when registering. Remember that there is no DRAFT promo code necessary to activate the bonus, simply click on the link and enjoy a juicy head start at DRAFT.

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