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If you have no idea what daily fantasy sports are, let us begin with that. Players sign up to compete against each other by building teams of professional athletes from a certain league. For example, you choose the NFL. You are given a salary cap to build a team, and you will earn points according to the real performances of the athletes. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Not to mention the Blitz Fantasy Promo Code that brings you all sorts of promotions.


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Bilzerian makes his own line-ups on Blitz Fantasy, or at least that’s what his official statement is. The man says he’s passionate about “creating lucrative opportunities around the world and online.” By being involved in the creation of Blitz Fantasy he contributed to the causes he cares most about.

Blitz Fantasy Promo Code

Since Blitz Fantasy Promo Code and the bonus behind it haven’t yet been announced, we will have to tell you that we will fill this table with relevant information as soon as they are available:

Blitz Fantasy Bonus Info:Details:
Welcome Bonus:TBA
First Deposit Bonus:TBA
Deposit Requirements:TBA
Wagering Requirements:TBA
Blitz Fantasy Bonus:TBA
Blitz Fantasy Promo Code 2019:TBA

Want to party Blitz style?

We all know the extravagance that comes along with the name Bilzerian. We know that 3 lucky fans will have the chance to go with him to the launch party of Blitz Fantasy. Just think about it, this is one in a lifetime opportunity. Unless you plan on getting filthy rich in the next few years, there really is no other chance for you to get into one of Bilzerian’s parties.


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The more tickets you earn, the more chances you have to be one of the 3 lucky persons. Here’s how you earn tickets:

  • 1 ticket for signing up at
  • 10 tickets for depositing at least $10
  • 1 ticket for every $10 you enter in any contest from September 6th to October 3rd.

Still, Bilzerian’s business is not all about making money. He also cares about philanthropic events like the ones organised to help veterans.

What else should I know about the site?

The BlitzFantasy platform is developed by iTEAM Network. The site is supported by many other partners who offer their support. At the moment, the site features competitions in NFL and NBA, but they expect to add many other leagues soon: NHL, MLB, soccer.

Some of you might wonder if it’s legal to play at BlitzFantasy. You should have no worries about this. The site adheres to the regulations that govern the industry of Daily Fantasy Sports.

Another issue that pops up in potential players’ minds is the safety of their funds. What you should know is that the operational funds of the company have nothing to do with the customer account balances. They are kept in totally different accounts so that you have complete control over your own money. Moreover, an independent Audit and Accounting firm reviews the funds in the segregated bank accounts to make sure they correspond to the balances of the customers. If you have any doubt about this, you are free to contact customer service to ask for the results of the review.

Now, here’s some info about deposits, withdrawals and bonuses like the ones you get via a promo code. You can currently make a deposit via Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard) or Paypal. If you want to increase the deposit limit, you have to contact BlitzFantasy customer support. Withdrawals are typically completed in 1 business day but it sometimes takes more.

Don’t forget that winnings greater than $600 per year are not exempt from taxes. Use this simple formula to calculate the net winnings. Subtract entry fees from prizes won and then add cash bonuses to obtain your net winnings. We recommend you don’t try to foul the SEC because it most probably won’t end well for you. Uncle Sam’s going to take care of that.

Meanwhile play at FanDuel